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Engraving Services and Guidelines
Engraving can be entered individually online where applicable or emailed to [email protected] after the order is placed.
If emailing please be sure to include your order number.
All engraving is centered by default.
Please be sure to proofread your text before emailing us or completing your order online.
We are not responsible for your typographical errors and we do not spell-check your text.
We will only proof engraving when a logo is required. Text proofs are available by request only.
Medal/trophy/plaque/cup engraving will be laser engraved on a self-adhesive flex plastic material.
All engraved plates will be applied to the products before we ship.
We recommend no more than 25-30 characters per line but do not charge additional fees for more characters.

Medal Engraving (text only)
.79 per medal if they are all the same (enter online)
.99 per medal if they are all different (enter individually online or send us an email)
**When emailing us the text for personalized medals our preferred method is to include it in the body of an email. Excel documents and Word files are not the preferred methods.**

Text engraving is free